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Even if you believe the best (if you can even call it that) version of events, that Synthia China Blast did not rape and kill 13 year old Ebony Williams, she still admits to dumping her body under an overpass and setting the body on fire. Really? That’s your defense? Blast “only” dumped a child corpse and set it ablaze? Sorry. Laverne Cox fucked up with her support of this person. Fucked. Up. The fact that Cox made that video private is telling. 

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"Just a reminder that terfs don’t care about the victim at all"

and yet we’re the only ones speaking up for ebony. okay.

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and they are saying “well the rapist denied raping the little girl so obviously it’s all a lie” like wooooooow. i dont know a single person who’s rapist admitted to what they did, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, so i guess all victims are liars and only rapists tell the truth.

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Laverne Cox removed video of Cox supporting a convicted murder and rapist to have SRS and be moved to a women’s prison. Here’s a download of the video and an archive of the transcript.



Archived from Buzzfeed "Laverne Cox Reads A Letter From A Transwoman Currently In Prison"

Download of video now removed from internet

Laverne Cox reads a personal introduction from an incarcerated member of SRLP.mp4

Reblogging to save this because I’ve already seen someone claim this was all made up by the evil TERFs.

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"this is a smear campaign"

you’re fucking full of shit and rape apologists, don’t you dare ever say you care about rape victims ever again

This is about Laverne Cox and Sylvia Rivera Legal Project fucking up and supporting child murderers and pedophiles getting legal change of gender and getting put in women’s jails.

And this isn’t the first time trans activists have supported rapists and murderers being put in jail with women.

Janet Mock and the NCTE celebrated a wife killer getting SRS in prison and Tobi Hill-Meyer advocated for a child rapist and a double murderer to be housed in women’s prisons.


It’s not a smear campaign to say, “we see you supporting the rights of rapists to be put in women’s prisons, could you please knock it the fuck off and have some human decency?”

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yes there is plenty of evidence to suggest synthia blast did, in fact, rape and murder 13 year old ebony nicole williams—and by the way, EVEN if she didn’t rape this child (and someobdy certainly did), synthia blast admitted to lighting her body on fire. a 13 year old girl. ebony nicole williams’ mother was not allowed to see her child’s body, which was only identifiable by dental records. where is justice for ebony nicole williams? don’t forget her name. 

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Apparently in St. Charles, same place Darren Wilson is from smh…

And they wonder why we’re mad…

disgusting. these people have no shame.
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Apparently in St. Charles, same place Darren Wilson is from smh…

And they wonder why we’re mad…

disgusting. these people have no shame.

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Dammit Laverne I’m sure there are plenty of worthwhile, smart, motivated, gifted but societally maligned trans people you could have thrown your weight behind but you had to pick a convicted pedophile, murderer and child rapist

Laverne’s activism for Cece was great because that was a case of false imprisonment. A member of a disenfranchised class has every right to defend themselves (even kill their assailants) and *not* be imprisoned for it. But backing a child killer in drag? Fuck that! You mean to tell me the only transpeople “worthy” of celebrity transwomen’s activism are rapists, child-molesters, wife-beaters and murderers in drag, ‘cause apparently those are the only “transwomen” as of late they seem to give a shit about. What about bullied- and homeless trans-teens and transwomen trying to escape prostitution/pimping, both of whom need shelter, food, water (duh), clothing, healthcare, legal representation and equal education- and employment opportunities? I guess they’ll have to go out and commit rape, child molestation and murder in order to get the backing of a celebrity transwoman. smfh.

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